6 Different Physiotherapy Techniques

Like a surgeon in his field, physiotherapists know their subject matter well. Physiotherapists have the ability to help with everything from strains to sprains, bruises to broken bones. Physiotherapists can help in less serious cases of injury, but they will need to be involved in surgery to make sure you get better faster Online Consultation. Let’s now look at some physiotherapy procedures and methods.


Physiotherapists love being hands-on. Physiotherapists like to work with their hands, using manual techniques. Stretching, massaging and compression are all common examples. Physiotherapists will recommend manual therapy in order to ensure that patients heal faster and better.

Physiotherapy with drugs

Sometimes, physiotherapy may need to be combined with medicine. It may be beneficial for patients with muscle strains to be prescribed muscle relaxants and ointment. Intermittential therapy is an electrical treatment that uses gentle massaging to stimulate the body into producing natural painkillers.

Physiotherapy and surgery

For more severe injuries, combined physiotherapy with surgery will yield the best results. Physiotherapy begins long before the surgery date. The patient will need a stronger body and core muscles. Post-surgery physiotherapy aims to restore the patient’s full range and mobility, as well as prevent scarring tissues.

Good physiotherapy

For minor cases, physiotherapy may be enough to assist the patient. If you have an ankle injury, such as a sprain, heat may be used to heat the ankle. This will allow the muscles and tissues to warm up, increase blood flow, speed up healing, and accelerate recovery. In these instances, no medication or surgery is required.


Ultrasound is an effective inaudible soundwave that penetrates beyond the subcutaneous tissue layer. It gives the surrounding tissues a mild heat boost to speed up their healing and blood flow.

Electric stimulation

In small doses and in a controlled fashion, electrical stimulations can stimulate the muscles to contract. This is especially important for patients who have suffered traumatic injuries and are unable to use their muscles. Electrical stimulations can speedily restore movement and functions.

Here are six different physiotherapy methods. Physiotherapy is an integral method of treatment that can sometimes be used alongside surgery. Although these actions seem very simple, they can actually restore full bodily function.