8 Rules For Drip Mailing Success

Since definitely every salesperson hates making cold calls the answer is to find a way to turn cold calls into warm calls. The simple answer is to make use of a drip mailing campaign with phone follow-up.

Rule 1 – Establish a advertising price range

There is a price to carrying out a drip mail campaign. I use an automatic online device that fees $zero.59 cents for postcards and $1.06 for greeting cards such as postage. If my price range is restrained to $one hundred monthly I should recognize that I am restrained to $25 weekly and set up my mail agenda based on that constraint. Obviously I cannot mail 50 new prospects in keeping with week due to the fact I can not find the money for that.

Rule 2 – Identify the principle outcomes to your mailing

You will utilize either two or 3 mailing drip machine. Each mailing should attention on a unmarried deliverable final results. While every final results might be distinctive there should be a common thread that ties them together. Let me provide you with an instance from the arena or employee gain income. In a three mailing machine the first cognizance may be getting control of fitness charges and minimizing charge increases. The 2d mailing may recognition on utilizing innovative plan design strategies that improve worker appreciation of the blessings and the final mailing might also attention on growing advantages with out increasing costs. Any organization medical insurance agent ought to have no hassle connecting these 3 thoughts.

Rule 3 – Build an outcome-particular internet site

Instead of the typical brochure website this website is strictly centered at the thoughts found inside the drip mail campaign. The landing web page will have one to three bold headlines with a brief paragraph or offering a few records. There may be no extra than four clickable pages despite the fact that there may be numerous hidden pages as well as a web page with a downloadable whitepaper. The website will serve two very critical desires: first, it will be prominently displayed in the mailing with guidelines to visit and 2d, you will direct prospects that request additional facts there.

Rule four – Create a e-newsletter signal-up shape for your internet site

Many of the recipients of your drip mailing will go to your website and a terrific percent of those will sign in on your newsletter. His tells you that there is some hobby and you have permission to maintain in contact. Your e-newsletter will pick-up in which your drip mailing will depart off.

Rule five – Use postcards and greeting playing cards now not commercial enterprise letters

You want your mail to get opened and read so make it easy for the chance to suppose that this is not commercial enterprise mail. Postcards are first-rate because they get study if you seize the possibility’s Hangover IV NYC interest with a high-quality photo or a remarkable headline. Greeting cards get opened because they do not come in number 10 envelopes.

Rule 6 – Do no longer use the business enterprise call inside the return cope with

You might imagine that branding is important but the fact is that it’ll kill your mail marketing campaign. Stop and consider your own response to letters that arrive with a business enterprise call within the return cope with. If you do now not understand the company do you open and read it or do you report it within the trash? A organisation call in the return address screams – “Sales Solicitation.”

Rule 7 – Automate the gadget

The hassle with maximum drip mailings is the complexity of the system. Consider a easy drip campaign: week 1 – group 1 gets letter 1 / week 2 – group 1 receives letter 2 and institution 2 gets letter 1 / week 3 – group 2 gets letter 2 / organization 3 receives letter 1 and also you follow-up on institution 1. Find a system that surely puts the correct letter into the envelope, addresses the envelope in handwriting and sends out the precise letter to the best institution all without your involvement. This makes developing consistency clean.

Rule eight – Schedule the follow up

The unmarried largest motive that salespeople fail whilst the usage of a drip mailing marketing campaign is that they do not comply with-up after the very last mailing to a selected institution. For some salespeople it’s miles in reality a rely of excessive call reluctance and people humans have to go away income straight away. For the great majority of salespeople it’s far absolutely a be counted of no longer scheduling time in the calendar that reasons a loss of follow-up. You have to now not best time table the time into your calendar however that point ought to be inviolate.


Drip mailings turn your bloodless calls into heat calls because you’ve got an anchor to lean on. By combining the drip mail marketing campaign with a website and newsletter signup form you will begin to locate prospects that virtually touch you earlier than you have got a hazard to touch them. If you ship out enough mail you can discover that making cold calls in any respect becomes a component of the beyond.