Best Gifts for children in 2022

The next time you want to give your child a gift, why not make a book? Gift books are an investment in your child’s future! A good book takes longer and can be more enjoyable. Its better to buy a Children’s Books

But when you are in a bookstore with hundreds of invitation books, how to choose a book that your child likes to read more, especially if you do not know children? ? Here are a few tips. (This also applies to storing children’s books in the library!)

Examine the shelves and exhibits and choose a book that stands out. If it’s a picture book, read the whole story. For longer books, read the beginning, a page or two in the middle, and the last. Then consider the following:

If it’s a picture book, can you skip it if your child asks you to read it multiple times?

If there is an example, take a closer look. Are there any details that will appeal to children? Do they help tell part of the story?

If it’s a magazine, are the text and graphics clear, precise and interesting?

You want to know more ? If so, there is a good chance that it will attract children’s attention.

Do the books use words in a way that helps paint a picture in your head and makes you want to read more? For example, picture books use rhyming words, or chapter books use rhyming words, dialogues that match the plot of the story.

Is he intelligent and/or enthusiastic?

At birth (or at the baby shower), with five friends, give your baby a book every five years.

Different themes in a child’s life provide a storybook or new story about them to help the child prepare or solve new skills, such as starting kindergarten or a new school (primary or secondary ), or welcoming a new child into the home.

Birthday books can be great birthday gifts for any child, but you can donate books to your child’s school birthday to help create or expand a classroom. class or library.

As encouragement, give your child a notebook to write down if they are trying to do something at home, with friends, or at school. It will be really rewarding. Take the time to read a book with you!