Celebrity bodyguards require discretion

You want to be a celebrity’s bodyguard. Do you have discretion?

As a bodyguard, discretion is an essential skill. Discipline is the ability to keep secrets safe and not reveal information to others. Personal bodyguards face the challenge of treating their job like they are part of the CIA. No one can see your information. Never. Ever. It’s always possible to be re-assailled. What I am trying to say is that you need to learn how not talk about it.

Celebrities live an interesting life as celebrity bodyguards. Because you are so close to someone, and are constantly around them, there is no room to be modesty or to make mistakes¬†bodyguard service London . Celebrities must feel comfortable enough to be themselves, and confident that it won’t be an issue in the public eye.

For some of the secrets that you will discover, the National Enquirer or other tabloids will pay a lot. If you reveal anything to anyone, you will never be allowed to work again in this industry. Professional bodyguards must be discreet to succeed. You must think before you speak when dealing with someone’s personal life, especially if they are a celebrity. I never ask celebrities about their personal lives. Once the celebrity feels comfortable talking to me and we have established a trusting relationship, they will often mention it.

It may seem small to you that a celebrity’s address is enough for a company to purchase something. Who knows who might be taking your order? You might be the fanatic. To receive packages, you must have a secure address.

You are the buffer between the outside world, your celebrity, and the rest of the world. You must also learn to deal with the media. Perhaps you are planning a party for your boss, and some pretty girls or guys want to know the location. They must not know that information. You can get used to saying the same thing over and over again, “He/she cannot give an interview right away.” Thank you for your interest. While you will learn what you should say, in the end, you are not revealing anything. This is the point.

What’s expected is that you do everything possible to make your celebrity’s life easier, more comfortable and safer. This will depend on who you are working with. It’s important to anticipate needs. This means being able look at a situation and see what could go wrong. Or knowing how to solve a problem once it has occurred. This requires that you get to know all the players and their jobs. You will need to have great relationships. This takes experience and time.