Colloidal gold’s medical benefits have been proven in the past as well as today

Michael Faraday is the first person to develop the mineral suspension now called colloidal gold. Faraday simply separated tiny gold pieces until they were suspended in an ionized solution that was free from gravity laws. This “elixir”, due to the therapeutic value of gold over centuries, began being used in greater parts of the world. It was used to treat a variety of addictions, including nicotine, coffee, and alcohol in Britain. The healing properties of colloidal silver were also thought to improve blood flow, and help with heart disease.

In addition, colloidal silver has been an effective anti-arthritis treatment until today. In the 1930s medical world, colloidal silver was used to increase life expectancy in patients with cancer. You wouldn’t be wrong in stating that colloidal golden improves the condition of chronic patients with severe pain and discomfort. People who used colloidal silver for pain relief did not feel the need to take opiates for relief, according to studies.

colloidal gold is recommended by modern therapists for many health conditions. Non-toxic and stimulating cellular metabolism, gold prevents the accumulations of harmful body wastes such as brain, liver, kidneys, heart, lung, and kidney stones. By reducing nervous pressure and improving body-mind coordination, colloidal silver can induce a sense of well being. Patients who have received colloidal gold treatment report feeling more energetic and having a higher level of libido. But, the best thing about colloidal gold is its ability to influence certain emotional states.

The true merits of colloidal silver therapy are those that address the mind first and then the physical. While scientific research and experiments are only the beginning, mankind is working to solve urgent health issues such AIDS and cancer. Scientists are able to advance even further on the path to curing the incurable due to the recognition and return to health of old “alternative” medical sources such as colloidal golden. In the ongoing administration of gold suspensions, over the years, medical research from the past and the present has provided a common reference point.