Five Tough Questions and Answers on the Future of Prescription Drug Marketing


Back in 1994, some very enterprising entrepreneurs discovered a brand new manner to make a dollar. They invented the DEXA SCAN. DEXA, which stands for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorpiometry, is designed to look into a person’s bones and are expecting the chance of destiny fractures. And the advertising and marketing moguls came out complete force on this, assuring all people, specially ladies drawing near, in, or beyond, menopause, that they were destined for a deadly hip fracture in the event that they didn’t undergo the take a look at.

And then, embracing the excellent of both worlds, when the take a look at indicated a thinning of bones, as it does with absolutely everyone as we age, the affected person honestly had to be placed on one of the steeply-priced and threatening bisphosphonate tablets in a heroic attempt to keep away from the fracture that was without a doubt lurking in the affected person’s destiny. The advertising and marketing human beings even got here up with a new sickness to assist enhance the profit photograph. Osteopenia become invented as a forerunner to Osteoporosis and have become the byword of the bisphosphonate manufacturers and vendors.

Today, hundreds of ladies have availed themselves of the DEXA Scan and had been definitely apprehensive into taking the toxic drugs that are alleged to shield them towards fractures.


Well, simply how correct are the DEXA Scans in predicting fractures? Some people simply ruin bones very without problems as they age. Others are sturdier and greater immune to fractures. And age, an awful lot more than DEXA Scans predicts these fractures. In a study performed in Finland, it turned into observed that annual fracture charges increase approximately one consistent with 10,000 women of their early fifties up to approximately one in 100 girls of their past due eighties. So while DEXA ratings decline (worsen) with age, fracture quotes growth much quicker than can be defined via the DEXA rankings. A number on a take a look at rating is a very terrible way of rating an illness.

This is sincerely a way of marketing with fear. The equal forces that invented osteopenia also outline a completely herbal process, menopause, as an contamination! Any doctor who follows the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) pointers and treats all sufferers with that enterprise’s described low DEXA rating will discover that he’s failing to deal with the greater than 95% of girls who may have a fracture despite the fact that they score properly on the check. So primarily based on this, you may as nicely test the delivery date for your driver’s license to expect your danger of a fracture.


Shamefully, a therapy to be had global with the exception of the U.S. Has regarded that’s astonishingly a success in treating osteoporosis with out the very risky and terrible facet results the automatically prescribed bisphosphonate drugs have for Americans. It’s a simple, reasonably-priced, comfortably to be had mineral that was observed by means of the Mayo Clinic in 1955, to be powerful in the treatment of osteoporosis. As quickly as it turned into observed, the Mayo Clinic discarded it.

Fortunately, our community of alternative physicians benzaldehyde to p2p have no longer been slumbering. They understand about it too, and were quietly offering it to their patients for the beyond twenty years. This mineral, one of the maximum plentiful elements on earth, is strontium. This is not to be pressured with Strontium 90, the radioactive isotope! This detail has been found to work as a “twin-appearing bone agent.” Not only does it lessen the price of bone turnover, but it additionally facilitates build new bone of excessive satisfactory. Studies carried out with extra than 5,000 women over three years has revealed enhancements in bone density of 8-14% And the stunning issue about it’s miles, you could get the stuff to your neighborhood health meals store for approximately $150.00 a year!

In Europe and different nations, a patented product, evolved in France, has these days made its look. Strontium Ranelate, advertised beneath the call Protelos, has lately seemed. This isn’t available within the U.S. However, strontium carbonate is with no trouble available here. This is every bit as powerful as the patented product. Since it’s a naturally compounded substance and there may be no ability for patentability, the pharmaceutical giants don’t have any interest in it as they keep unabashedly promoting their defective and destructive merchandise.

When all is stated and completed, the DEXA scan is not often a important cost and continually an undesirable publicity to radiation. We all lose bone mass as we age. Thinning bones are a consequence of dwelling longer and we can reduce this bone loss, and rebuild our bones in a way that is so easy, it’s far almost too proper to be authentic And in a rare example, the vintage axiom “while it is too right to be real, it probably is,” has encountered an exception.