Is it possible for my real estate agent to represent me, even if they are a listing agents?

A lot of people get confused about what a realty agent represents in a transaction. If you do not have them as your buyer agent, they are the sellers. They are legally bound to get the seller the best price for their house and sell it. However, they must be fair to buyers and help them find the perfect home listing agents in Burleson.

You should remember that the realty agent cannot tell you about the desperateness of the seller unless the seller is known to be so. If they’re showing you a house that has been sold to an individual seller, they will be able show you comparable houses sales to help you justify the market price for that property. This ensures that the seller gets a fair price and the buyer gets a good deal at the market.

A mortgage lender will require an appraisal if you plan to buy a house. This determines the value of your home regardless of how much you want. Real estate agents represent sellers and have to disclose information from buyers. However, they will treat both sides fairly because it is the seller’s best interests to get the house sold.

When selling homes, they must be priced according the other comparable homes on the market. This information is available on the CMA, or comparative marketplace analysis, that a real-estate agent can provide. You can find comparable homes for sale in your area and form your own opinion about the market price.

Even if a real estate agent is a friend, they are still required by law to represent the seller. There are agreements that permit them to view all properties that are listed on the MLS multiple-listing service. There are dual agent options where agents represent both buyer and seller in some transactions. In some cases, agents can also sign up to be buyer’s or seller’s agents depending on their circumstances.

If you have questions about agency or representation, your agent will be happy and able to clarify it for you. Every real estate agent will be honest with buyers, regardless of whether they are legal representatives for the seller. Because it is everyone’s best interest, homes listed for sale should be sold. It means buyers need to consider all options and make their own decisions when trying to find the right home for them.

A listing agent will help you find a listing that is right for you.