Step-by-Step Process of Autogenic Conditioning

What is Autogenic Conditioning?

Autogenic conditioning, or autogenic instruction, is a technique to get your body to follow the verbal commands you give to it. These verbal commands communicate a message directly to your body, asking it to relax, regulate your heartbeat and temperature, and control your breathing. Autogenic conditioning aims to calm the body and reduce stress. You can perform this exercise at your own pace once you have learned this method of controlling the body. It is beneficial to practice this technique regularly in order to reap the benefits of deep relaxation as well as to avoid tension and stress Autogenes Training Anleitung.

There are several steps involved with autogenic conditioning

An autogenic conditioning program is a series of six exercises that can relax your body. It’s designed to give your body a warm and heavy feeling. It is important to find a comfortable seat first.

Retire to a comfortable position and allow your mind to wander. Nothing should be in your mind. Now picture something. Follow the instruction of the trainer and begin to say the verbal cues. The techniques of autogenic conditioning will require you to first learn them from a teacher. Although you can learn it from books, it’s not easy to actually do it. You will need to complete the training for between four and six years to master the relaxation methods.


Reclinez in a comfy chair

Try to say it three times. Concentrate in your mind that my left arm feels heavy and warm. This will make you feel like your arm is relaxing due to the heaviness.

Also, softly mention to your mind that both my arms and legs feel heavy and warm.

Now focus on your heart. Visualize it’s function and say, “My heart beats steady and calm.”

Also, send a message that your neck is relaxed. You will feel the relaxation in your neck.

Ask your forehead now to relax.

Autogenic conditioning, or self-hypnosis is a process where you can increase control over your mind and body. Aside from verbal communication to the mind, one should make suggestions that can positively impact the mind setup of a person such as “I’m confident”.

It is essential to follow this step by step autogenic training process in order to obtain the best possible results from autogenic condition. After some time, you’ll be able to perform autogenic condition at home without the aid of another person. Do not attempt to learn it by yourself.