The Year of Jubilee – Is It Now?

Jesus declared that in Luke 4:119, that He was coming to announce the year of peace for the Lord. We don’t know the meaning of His words but for people from the Jewish Nation it was wonderful news as it signified an end of the Year of Jubilee.

What happens during the year known as Jubilee? The Old Testament every fifty years was the year of Jubilee for the Nation of Israel. If they been deprived of their possessions by anotherperson, it was able to be returned. If they were working to another person, they will be released. The details of this release is described at Leviticus chapter 25, beginning with verse 10 and continuing through chapter 27. So when Jesus declared the year of the king, they were thinking of restoration.

We are currently living in our time in the New Testament under faith and grace. Jesus’ blood Jesus has saved us so we can be living in Jubilee every day. We are the inheritors from God together with Christ Jesus and Christ Jesus is the only one who has absence.

Jesus declared in Matthew 9:29, “according to your faith, let it be yours. If we are able to believein God, all things are feasible for us. Jubilee is definitely possible that we can live our lives in the present day if we be awed by Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Jesus Christ.

Jesus suffered a lot so that we could become rich. He took on Himself the curse humanity has been suffering since Adam’s fall. Adam. We are now free from the curse, and this is why Jubilee is still in effect.

God has provided everything we need to us, but it’s our responsibility to believe that and act on it. The Bible states that faith without action is dead. Therefore, we must to put in the work faith to obtain what we desire. We could believe that we will get an automobile, but we’re not likely to get one but we don’t search for it.

It is possible that we know the things we want, but do not know how to achieve it. In this case, we must consult the Lord for guidance then wait for His guidance and then follow the steps He has told us.

Another thingto remember is that it is important to not be dejected by the smallest beginnings, but instead be grateful for it. If we’re thankful for even the smallest things then the Lord will reward us with larger things.

Jubilee is only for people who belong to the faith family Faith is now, so Jubilee is happening now, however not all people will experience the glorious moment. Jesus stated that the poor would always be with us. But the thing is that we don’t have to be among them. There will be some people who are poor. people who are not in touch with the Lord and those who are a poor Christian who have not acted upon their faith. Poor doesn’t mean only lacking in wealth, but rather the entire human race. The Lord would like us to be to be prosperous in all areas of our lives and that is Jubilee.