Top 10 Essentials in Electronic Marketing

Define Your Online Marketing Strategy

Consider all the steps that you will take to target Leisure and Corporate markets. Then create a clearly defined e-commerce market strategy by clearly identifying which tools people use to book and find hotels online. Search Engines. Independent/Brand Websites. Email. Blogs. GDS sites. Travel Sites. You’ll be able to make an impact on the web by looking at the many online channels. These ten aspects will make your internet trip worthwhile top 10 electronic items.

Lodging Industry Search Engines & Independent Websites

Your online marketing plan should help you make the most of your brand and individual websites. Your first step is to determine why people are travelling to your area.

  1. Know your Internet Market. You can identify your target market by doing research on what people are looking for in your region via the internet.Market for local, regional, and other factors. Use online and offline techniques to determine what factors are bringing people to your local area.
  2. Content is King. . Content that caters to the needs of your customer. Your hotel and destination should have unique selling points (USPs). This will allow you to differentiate your approach for different customer segments. Unique specials and promotions, event-related getaways, seasonal promos and one-to-1 marketing initiatives can be created to offer unique value. You can offer relevant content on Paramount’s Great America to your online audience, such as details about the hotel room, tickets or transportation. Make sure your digital distribution channels have rich, relevant content. This includes your brand site and your hotel website. Talk about your USPs. Packages, promotions with local events, getaways.
  3. Link Building. . Link building is an integral part to your online hotel promotion efforts. Listings should be available wherever customers are looking. Your online presence will increase tremendously if you have quality links to relevant websites. Find and secure links from local, regional, and niche-specific websites.
  4. Increase conversions through your hotel website. You can increase your online bookings by offering value and convenience.Value packaging does not require you to discount your rooms. You should be able to meet the needs of your customers. One great way to get close to your customers is to bundle local attractions and things to do with activities as part of your hotel rooms. Packaging and great photography can make all the difference. Book your hotel quickly and efficiently. Make it easy for your customer to book your rooms and packages online.
  5. Indepwebsite: Get the lowest rates. The dynamic internet is changing people’s travel and hotel bookings.The best practices for securing your customer are rate parity across all sales channels. They also recommend email marketing, loyalty programs and pay-per-click campaigns. Your ultimate goal will be to make an impact on the internet by creating strong brand and independent websites. . . to build customer loyalty.

A successful email marketing plan

  1. Email Marketing – Create an ongoing, well-defined and successful emarketing plan.Offer your online guest reasons to “opt into” your Email Offers Program. Insist on compelling email messages that provide the information your visitor is looking for. Give them reasons to keep coming back such as local events or last-minute offers. Monitor the results from all your campaigns.

Get the most out of your distribution channels

  1. Participate In Distribution Channels & Check HODs!To maximize your online marketing channels, you should check out what your GDS(Global Distribution Systems) (and IDS) have to say. Your Franchise GDS team can request a copy (Hotel Description on Airlines Systems) of your HODs. Place your rates, inventory and other details on third party websites. Rate parity is an important principle. Participate as an independent hotel in your GDS network.
  2. Tracking Return on investment from Hotel Website: Track your offline as well online results.It is essential to track offline sales because the majority of people who search online will call the hotel in order to close the sale. It is common for 5 people to call you, for every 1 who books online. You can create a unique phone line for your website. Train your staff how to track phone results, and how to know what is sold online. When it comes to closing deals, your Front Desk staff is an important sales tool. It is important to have a good tracking system in place at the front.
  3. Online Tracking – Make sure to review your website stats often!You should examine the number of unique visitors to your site every day. Also, review the top 10 refer sources and top 10 Keywords people are using in order to find you. The top 10 pages that have the highest traffic are also important. Additionally, check your click-through rates to conversion pages. These include reservations, manager offers, specials pages, and feeder markets. Your online marketing strategy is continuous. It is not a single event.
  4. Create a strong online reputation.Check Trip Advisor. E-Opinion Sites. Yahoo Travel. Hotel Chatter.

The world of emarketing is vast and extremely rewarding. It can be done by using all channels, from personal emails to websites, to reach potential customers. It is possible to be competitive online by creating search engine friendly brands and independent hotel sites. You will also have the opportunity to maintain email campaigns and take part in travel sites and GDS. It is important to track your results so you can see what’s working well and where your revenues are coming from