Tree of Life – Klimt

Tree of Life is a famous topic for artists across centuries due to it’s religious connections as well as the natural beauty of the subject, making it ideal for art in it’s own right. The most famous Tree of Life painting was produced by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, and Tree of Life print reproductions of this famous painting are amongst the most popular of any contemporary art. This article uncovers the best known Tree of Life paintings and prints, with an emphasis on Klimt’s masterpiece.

Print reproduction of The Tree of Life are best suited to framed art prints, stretched canvases, posters and giclee art prints. Unframed prints can also be effective too, depending on the style of the home that the artwork is added to.

Gustav Klimt was an artist who loved to produce paintings Tree of Life with boldness and brightness, with large canvases filled with detail in every corner. The Tree was a landscape-shaped painting with flourishes from every branch of this symbolic tree, with Klimt’s typical use of gold leaf paint to give a grand finish. This print sits alongside The Kiss as Klimt’s two finest and most popular paintings from a long and highly distinguished career. Other great paintings by Klimt included Three Ages of Women, Mother and Child and Beethoven Frieze.

Conclusively, Tree of Life is an important symbol for many religions and makes an obvious choice for artists because of it’s charming look and opportunity for flexibility. Whilst Celtic and other religions have claimed it for many years as significant to their beliefs, it is Gustav Klimt who finally brought it into mainstream homes thanks to his classic painting which offered stylish flourishes, and golden touches which was classic Klimt.