Using a Card Service to Help Build Donor Relationships

Good fundraisers are among the most effective in personal relationship developing. It is essential for long-term success in fundraising. Part of the relationship-building process is finding ways to stay in touch with donors on a regular, unexpected, and pleasant basis. Some people do not would prefer to receive direct mail solely however everyone likes to be recognized for things they value like their birthday, anniversary, their achievements or involvement in an event, their contribution of time and even their gifts! Section 18A Tax Certificate

As an event, you hand out cards – lots of cards! If you’re similar to me, you’ve had the desire to send e-cards since they’re affordable (if you’re lucky enough to get them for free) and they can be written. However, the reason I haven’t tried it was that I wasn’t certain if the recipient actually got the card, they cards were not as plentiful and it wasn’t written in the handwriting of my husband, or it doesn’t feel personal.

To be noticed in the crowd, you have to create something unique. In the age of electronic mass communication, a genuine card that is in a mailbox makes a statement. Consider it. What is the most frequent time you receive an “real” piece of mail? Do you not want to receive an actual letter or card that’s more than an invoice, an advertisement or credit card offer? Sure! You’ll are sure to remember it!

I was recently able to find the perfect solution. It’s a fairly new greeting card business known as “Send Out Cards” (SOC) which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I watched a video and was immediately enthralled.

The good news is that I am able to pick from more than 13,000 (and increasing) cards according to categories (birthday sympathy, motivational, sympathy thank you blank, etc.) or design my own using photos uploaded. This is great for sending cards that include photos of donors from various events, or thanking them in appreciation of their support. Many organizations hold golf tournaments. This is a fantastic idea to say thank you to golfers. Upload a photo of your foursome, and send them an acknowledgement card, and thank them for playing and the value it brought to you.

They are then printed at evening and then mailed the next day. The best part is the it is the case that, in addition to offering a wide range of cards you also have an account that can easily track the important dates and then will notify you of each time one approaches. It is simple to import all your contact information from an Excel file. Never miss a birthday celebration or anniversary ever again! Most cards cost $.62 (2 points) and include postage.

If you are the SOC participant at wholesale, or the entrepreneur level, you have your own personal font as well as four signatures. You can select from a wide range of fonts or write your personal handwriting.

In addition, you can organize mass mailings and have the cards printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly inks.

A senior executive director from an non-profit organization recently wrote and stated “SOC is the best development tool I’ve used in years”.

If you’re interested in the product, you can sign up now by visiting the same address. The videos for training and customer support are excellent and will guide you through the process of setting the account.

Wholesale accounts ($298) is a popular choice for numerous non-profits. However, many other organizations have also created entrepreneurs accounts ($398) with a government ID. Why? It allows them to make their own web address which appears in the reverse of every card they issue (very tiny print) that will direct people to the organization’s SOC website. If someone signs up on the basis of the link on the website for the card service, your company gets a small payment. One of my contacts has already received their initial investment back and is now earning money to fund their annual budget.

Enjoy yourself, make connections and never tire of writing more cards (or going to the store as well as the Post Office for cards and stamps). Best wishes to you on raising money!