Using Computer Forensics To Catch And Prosecute Fraudulent Employees

While the computer has created a surge in productiveness for digital asset custody groups, it has additionally opened the door for employees to perform better degree crimes that could devastate agencies. Most employers and personnel are taken aback when they discover that an employee has been executing crimes right beneath their noses. The component with white collar crimes is that criminals don’t necessarily “look”like criminals and they frequently proceed for years with out being stuck.

When a business enterprise does suspect that a laptop crime is underway, bringing in a laptop forensics group is typically the most effective way to discover the truth. With more shrewd crimes come extra smart cowl ups. The general computer user won’t find a hint of evidence at the worker’s laptop, however laptop forensics can expose a mystery world of lies, deceit, and cunning cover ups.

Some of the maximum commonplace inner employee computer crimes are:



-Insider trading


-Money laundering

-Identity robbery

-Intellectual belongings robbery

How White Collar Criminals Try to Cover Their Tracks:

Someone who’s deliberately accomplishing unlawful sports will take often predicable precautions to cowl their tracks. Some shielding measures that a criminal may also use to avoid being stuck are:

-Wiping gear

-Encrypting information

-Secure deletion tools

-Remote data storage gadgets

-Steganography (writing hidden messages)

-Digital facts compression

Although tech-savvy criminals could make the procedure of uncovering statistics hard, it i’s no longer not possible. Every virtual motion leaves a footprint and even records that looks to be “deleted” to the usual person may be exposed the usage of computer forensics.

When Computer Forensics Evidence Doesn’t Stand Up in Court:

Sometimes personnel will walk away without punishment even with plain evidence that they are guilty. When facts recovered through pc forensics would not get up in court docket, it’s typically now not the statistics itself, but the way in which it became accrued. While an inner IT employee trained in computer forensics is a useful asset to any agency, forensic proof for use in court is regularly best handled by way of an unbiased, outside birthday celebration.

A court will recollect several matters when considering the benefit of the records accumulated such as:

-Who amassed the data (were they an unbiased birthday party?)

-Credentials and schooling of the man or woman amassing the records

-Who had access to the records as soon as amassed?

-What was the chain of custody of the proof?

-What safety features have been in region to make sure involved parties did not have get entry to to the records?

For organizations in an effort to choose to use their in house IT team to gather facts, it is essential to have a properly-documented preferred method for coping with statistics, detailing the chain of custody and the way wherein the facts might be saved. When laptop forensics is handled inside of a employer, the integrity of the facts after it’s been gathered is at a miles higher danger than whilst choosing an independent 1/3 birthday celebration. Using the proper equipment and approaches can assist to mitigate that danger.