Who doesn’t want a cell-phone?

Cell phones have evolved from the bulky, ugly devices used mainly for businesspeople just a few decades back to small, lightweight, easy-to-use, entertaining and convenient gadgets that fit comfortably in your palm. On a population scale of around 225 million, there is an estimated 190 million cell phone subscribers in the United States. Even kindergarteners can now open their cell phones and call their mommies from the playground handyabo.

As cell phones continue to push landlines off of the market, people who do not own a cellphone or have one but don’t use it beyond the address book need to come to terms and learn how to best utilize this incredible invention.

The most commonly used features are snake and pong. The address book is one of the most useful features found on most cell phones. You need to find these features in order to get the most out of your smartphone. First, learn the basics to get a good understanding of what your phone is doing. You should read your manual.

It may seem like a boring job but manuals for cell phones can be quite easy to navigate. Look at the websites of cell phone providers. Nokia and other companies offer websites that have constantly updated information. These sites are a great resource for learning more about your smartphone. Don’t forget to dial the 1-800 number of your cell phone for technical support. You never know when it might be needed.

Now let’s look at the features. Cell phones are packed with many things that make life easier. But, before digitalization, these items were often bulkier and less convenient, especially for busy people. The alarm clock is an excellent feature. You can get a quick shut eye on the go with your mobile phone.

Cell phones, unlike checking accounts which may not notify you of excess resources until it is too late, have a minutes count that allows you to keep track and monitor your minutes so you don’t exceed the monthly limit. You can also reset the counter at the start of each month, so you can track month by month instead of having your calculator unloaded.

Some phones are equipped with voice activated speed dials. This feature allows you say the name and number of someone you know into your phone. Next, you can dial that person’s number by simply speaking their name into the phone. This allows you to keep track and organize your contacts in an easy way.

If you don’t wish to be disturbed, you could program your cell phone to forward all incoming call to the White House. It’s a smart thing to do this after you’ve used up your minutes. You can also program your cell to forward all calls to your home voice mail or to the White House.

Are you comfortable with cell phone use now? Cell phone use is growing at an incredible rate in this world. You should be prepared to buckle down and enjoy the ride. In just a few short months, your cell phone will likely grow in size and be more accessible, allowing you access music and tv shows as an ipod. The cell phone revolution will not be stopped.